2.Benefits of NoSQL

Posted on Feb 02, 2019   ∣  1 min read  ∣  MONGODB DEVELOPER

Benefits of NoSQL

● Serves as the primary datasource/operational datastore for online applications.
● Handles “big data” use cases that involve data velocity, variety, volume, and complexity.
● Offers inherent continuous availability.
● Excels at distributed database and multi-data center operations.
● Provides strong replication abilities along with read-anywhere and write-anywhere capability with full location-independence support.
● Eliminates the need for a specific caching layer to store data.
● Can operate in the cloud settings and exploit the benefits of cloud computing.
● Supports inclusion of additional nodes in a cluster for performance enhancement.
● Offers a flexible schema design that can be altered without downtime or service disruption.
● Supports all major operating systems, proprietary add-ons, and all common developer languages.
● Are easy to implement and use; offer sturdy functionality to handle various enterprise applications.
● Supports open source communities, which makes regular contribution to enhance the core software.